Haggit Barbell

Shift work makes fitness and weight loss hard. HAggit Barbell gives you the tools to make more progress in less time so you finally get the results you deserve.

At Haggit Barbell, LLC we know that you want to be stronger and healthier. For that to become reality, you need workouts and diets that accommodate your schedule and lifestyle. The problem is shift work and the lack of understanding and empathy from traditional coaches, which leaves you feeling frustrated and alone with no clear way to progress. We believe that even the non-traditional worker deserves to reach their fitness goals and we understand that the resources and clear answers for shift workers are few and far between with most of these coming from fitness professional that have little to no experience with how years of shift work affects our bodies. That’s why we pride ourselves on building workouts and diets with a proven results for shift workers.

All you need to do to get started is schedule a call, so you can stop struggling on your own and start making the progress you dream of.

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